Personal online fitness coaching.

Your Roadmap to Fitness Success


a personal coach to guide and support you


a custom plan for your food and exercise


a daily resource for knowledge, advice, and accountability

Every body is unique.

A unique plan for everybody.


Imagine This

You wake up and check your personalized plan in the Eggplant Fitness app.

Your coach has provided a sample meal plan, and you can track your food all day in the app to make sure you get the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats.

When you're ready to hit the gym, your coach has outlined the day's workout, complete with a demonstration animation for each exercise to help you get your form right.

You find yourself needing a little reassurance or motivation, so you shoot your coach a message and get a quick response that keeps you on track to achieve your goals.

You go to bed feeling like you can achieve anything!


About Your Coach

Jocelyn created Eggplant Fitness after spending years deepening her knowledge of exercise and nutrition.

After having her first two kids, she took a course in personal training and also became a certified yoga instructor.

After having a third kid, she really discovered her passion for fitness and began training for her first bodybuilding competition. She's now competed in both NPAA and IDFA shows in bikini category.

Jocelyn realized all the knowledge she had absorbed would be incredibly valuable to someone who is confused by all of the generic advice being thrown at people, and she's continued to dedicate herself to learning to best help herself and others.

Eggplant Fitness was born with the vision of providing the best possible client experience in online fitness coaching, because she knows you can do the work, you just need a roadmap to get to where you want to go!

 Jocelyn on stage at IDFA Calgary, June 2018.

Jocelyn on stage at IDFA Calgary, June 2018.


How It Works

So what's next?



Commit to yourself first

Nobody can do the work for you. Of course your coach is going to give you all the guidance, advice, information, and support you need, but you need to be ready to put in the work! Are you ready to commit for at least 3 months?



Apply to be a Client

Due to the very personal level of coaching we provide, we don't work with everyone. With our mission to provide the best possible online fitness coaching experience, we need to make sure we'd be a great match for you!



Connect with your coach

A coach will respond to your application and set up a time to meet over video call. This is where we can get to know you better! Then you'll be given some materials to fill out so your coach can create your custom plan.



Achieve Your Goals

This is the exciting part! You'll be given access to the Eggplant Fitness online coaching platform and mobile app where you'll receive a custom workout plan, a nutrition guide, and where you'll track every step toward your goal!


Are You Ready to Begin Your Transformation?

We've lowered our monthly rate while we're in beta testing!






And we've also waived our setup fee!